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Business travel seems exciting at first, taking you to places beyond the confines of your office. But after a while the constant travelling can wear on you, what with the stress of being away from family and home all the time.

Luckily, there are ways to help you endure the more annoying aspects of business travel.


Pack smart. You can’t call yourself a savvy business traveller until you are able to pack everything that will need for the trip in one carry-on luggage. Check out our tips on how to pack light for business travel. When packing, choose attires that are versatile with colours that can be mixed and matched.

Store items in designated location. This will make it easy for you to find things like your cables and connectors, which you tend to misplace.

Take the right electrical plug adapters. Avoid the panic that results from realizing you brought the wrong plug converter just as your smartphone or laptop dies by checking out sites like Countryplug to know which adapter to bring.

Arrange for voice and Internet access prior to departure. The internet connection to wherever you go could either be excellent or pathetic. Hotels offer free wi-fi, but that can be unreliable. Purchase an international data plan for your mobile device instead of purchasing inter/net service from your hotel, which can be more expensive.

Bring one plug for your mobile devices. You can survive with just one plug by recharging all your electronic gadgets with USB ports since most gadgets have a USB connection cable through which they can be recharged. This is convenient when you are staying somewhere where there are not enough electric plugs.

At the Airport

Choose the fastest security line. Ensuring a hassle-free trip begins by taking the fastest security line. It is important to keep in mind that the shortest line is not always the fastest line. Two things to observe: the efficiency of the personnel manning the line and the mix of travellers ahead of you. Avoid lines with families with small children, people with unusual luggage because it will likely be opened and checked, or a person who looks like they haven’t seen the inside of an airport in years. Picking the right line will save you lots of hours, thus give you time to chill in the airport lounge while waiting to board.

Establish an on-boarding bag routine. Other than eating and sleeping, there are things you have a habit of doing while in the air, especially during long flights. For example, you may want to read or play your mobile games. Organise your reading material or electronic devices in a separate purse within your carry-on. At your assigned seat, you will not waste time retrieving the bag and putting your carry-on in the overhead bin. You’d be able to relate if you have experienced waiting in the aisle while another passenger ahead of you waste time rummaging in their bag for the things they will need for the flight.

At your destination

Stay in a quiet accommodation. Having peace and quiet will help you accomplish more work and relax better. Staying in a room away from too much foot traffic is not always a guarantee when you stay in a hotel. Thankfully, there are alternative accommodations like short-term apartments that you can book from platforms like Airbnb. Air-rive manages several apartments that are conveniently located in Brisbane.

Follow a routine for sleep and eating. Eat before you board so you can sleep longer, especially if you are on a red-eye flight. It’s difficult to get a full night’s sleep on short transcontinental and transatlantic flights. So, before the flight, do your nightly routine like brushing your teeth and changing into comfortable clothes. By doing this, you can immediately go to sleep as soon as you take your seat.

Eat and sleep properly. Your body will be able to bear the rigours of travel much better when you eat properly and get the minimum amount of sleep. Avoiding drinking alcohol and eating heavy foods, both while in flight and at your destination. Many travellers order wine or beer on the plane to help them relax, but those indulgences can keep you away from completing your tasks. You don’t want to bungle the deal you came there to clinch, do you?

Jet lag is a major enemy of travellers on long flights. It cannot be avoided, but you can beat jet lag. Start on the right foot by ensuring you are well-rested the day before your flight. Then try to get as much sleep as you would in a 24-hour period at home as this will help you keep awake until it is time for bed at your destination and prevent you from oversleeping the following morning.

Aside from all these tips, it is also essential to limit your stress. Try to balance work and fun, even if it is a business trip. Tiring yourself with work and following a bad travel routine increase the chances of you not performing at your best during meetings. Keep comfortable and calm so you can achieve your business-trip goals and enjoy the new destination at the same time.