If you are in the accommodation industry and have not heard of Airbnb you must have been living under a rock.

The San Francisco-based home sharing juggernaut just keeps growing. It is affecting accommodation supply worldwide, but also in our little part of the planet.

An indication of how quickly Airbnb has arrived is reflected in the most recent BCCM review recommendations. We received the recommendations last month to an issues paper released in December 2014. The topic of short-term letting restrictions would have been a perfect addition to that options paper, but Airbnb was simply not on the radar when it was published. This is yet another example of the pace at which technology is moving.

Disruption can mean many things, and there are always unintended consequences. If you are interested, have a look at this article from a tax perspective for property owners using Airbnb.

But back to our question.

What can a Queensland body corporate do about it?

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