Paul Vale- Smith

Virtual Videographer / Founder of Pencil Ink


No need to imagine anymore

Frontier designer, Paul Vale- Smith, founder of Pencil Ink, is pioneering the world in Virtual Space. His revolutionary and innovative technology will surpass all of your expectations, transporting you into a fully immersible futuristic experience within your design.

 Whether designing your new home, shop fit out or skyscraper project, this

inspirational technology provides a platform where you can walk through and interact with your project from end to end.

Avoid paying for design work you don’t want.

What we don’t do!

Because your time is valuable, we don’t use dated 2D drawing software.  Evidence has shown that working in 2D increases the likelihood of errors during the construction phase by up to 200%.  This will result in your project costing you more time and money and pose a higher risk in the in ability to achieve the desired outcome for your project.

Because it’s not real, we also don’t draw you pretty little artist impressions so you can pretend to imagine what you design will eventually look like.


What we do do!


Rather than you having to rely on your imagination to see if the bathroom door will be far enough away from the kitchen, 3D modelling allows you to see your project, before even approving and specs or design work.  Pencil Ink minimum standard is to provide you a full set of 3D plans from concept stage through to construction allowing you to ………


We encourage a collaborative environment. From day 1, you have access to your 3D model 24/7.  By providing you with a model viewer, you are able to comment directly when travelling in the virtual space. This alleviates any down time in having to attend long drawn out meetings and ensures the opportunity for real time feedback from all parties.

Up   to here.  Did you want to put any photos in so both me and the client know what we are doing here…….


Immerses you into your design at 1:1 scale by using Pencil Ink VR virtual reality this allow you to walk around your design giving you the ability to understand every last part on your design before it ever go’s to construction. Pencil Ink provide you the client a VR headset on signing with us.


  • Full set of construction drawing both in 3D model and PDF format.
  • Floor , Equipment,Electrical,Lighting ,Ceiling Finishes Plans Elevations of all areas full equipment and finishes schedule.
  • Model viewer for the shop fitter
  • VR virtual reality Immerse Design ( Pencil Ink will Provide you with a headset throughout the process) for all contractor to ensure they full understand the design.