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Are you often on the road for business?

Business travel can be taxing, even before you get on that plane. But it is an inevitable part of a business that is striving to grow and be increasingly profitable. Luckily, seasoned business travellers that have seen and experienced all the ups and downs of life on the road have come up with a list of helpful tips to make business travel less stressful for those who are new to it.

Use technology to your advantage

This is the era of apps, easily downloadable and promising to make life easier and more comfortable for users. And there are apps created specifically for ease of travel.

Your schedule can easily be disrupted by cancelled flights, long taxi queues, or simply failing to make your way around bewildering airport terminals. From the airport up to when you are conducting your day-to-day business activities, there are a variety of apps that can help make business travel easier and less stressful.

Flio: This is a free app that provides directory and layout maps and other information for over 3,000 airports. You can use it to track flight arrivals and departures for the airport you are currently in and connect to the airport’s official wi-fi connection.

MileIQ: For $6 per month, this app logs the miles you drive on your rental car and categorises the mileage as either personal or business. Swipe right for business miles and swipe left for personal miles. It automatically records miles when your car moves and pauses when the car stops.

Expensify: Take the pain of keeping track of business expenses away with this app. Starting at $5 per month, the app automatically inputs the filing in date, vendor and amount from your scanned receipt to an expense report. You can edit the expenses, track your work time, track your mileage, and make an expense report from it.

LoungeBuddy: Flight delays are unfortunately a part of air travel. Make yourself more comfortable while you wait by finding the airport lounge through LoungeBuddy. The app can even find a free lounge in the airport you’re in. Or you can browse reviews and photos of fee-based lounges before you pay to enter.

Here are more apps that can help manage your life while on the road:

Ride-sharing apps: like Uber and Lyft
Airline app: to access your electronic boarding pass, gate details, and other information
Rental car’s app: some apps allows users to check in online, saving you a trip to the counter when get there
Hotel app: the app for your hotel provides your reservation details and it can also be used as a digital key, which means you don’t have to make a stop at the registration desk at all.

Business Travel Packing Tips

Every business traveller should make a master packing list that they can follow for every trip. This will ensure anything essential like laptop and mobile phone chargers, and make-up bag is not left behind.

Here are more business travel packing tips:

Choose carry-on or check-in luggage: For shorter trips it is advisable to just have a carry-on to save you time on the claim baggage area and eliminate the chances of lost baggage. Even for longer trips, consider a carry-on only. You can use the dry cleaning service at your hotel or a local laundry shop.

If you have checked luggage, never pack these three things in there: medication, jewellery and expensive electronics like ipad. Most airlines will not take responsibility for missed medication due to a delayed flight or lost luggage, or if electronics or jewellery is stolen or damaged.

Invest in a luggage: Whether it is carry-on or check-in, invest in a good quality luggage. It has to be lightweight, durable, and has a warranty. Do the same for a laptop bag, whether it is a shoulder bag or a backpack. It should have lots of padding and distribute weight easily so it won’t break easily.

Pack light: Plan your outfits beforehand so you pack just what you need. Take a photo of your chosen outfits. This will ensure you don’t pack two jackets or two sweaters of the same colour. Coordinate your outfits with your shoes to avoid packing too many pairs of shoes.

Pack workout outfits: This is so you won’t forego exercise while on the road. Physical activity helps you shake off jet lag quickly and relieve stress.

Where to Stay

Hotels were once the only go-to providers for business trip lodging. But the arrival of online accommodation platforms like Airbnb changed all that. The alternative accommodations available in these platforms are now offering a complete experience for the modern business traveller.

Staying in a hotel versus an Airbnb short-term rental both have pros and cons.

Here is a brief look on what business hotels and Airbnb accommodations has to offer to business travellers:

Cost and flexibility: No doubt that the cheaper option is Airbnb-type accommodations. The savings from staying in an Airbnb compared to a hotel is a significant amount. The recent shift towards the sharing economy could be traced to this very reason. In addition, Airbnb accommodations have a kitchen, allowing you to cook for yourself rather than eating out all the time.

Amenities: Basic amenities are standard offerings. But nowadays, business travellers expect convenient access to technologies that are essential for conducting business, such as wifi, outlets and USB plug options, and a designated office space. Airbnb lodgings geared for business travellers offer these, while maintaining a comfy, home-away-from-home ambiance that appeals to a new generation of travellers.

Locations: Hotels are desirable because they are typically located in the city centre, convenient for business meetings and sightseeing. Airbnb lodgings are usually in residential areas, which are not close to where conference facilities and business parks are. This used to be an issue for Airbnb, but not anymore. Millennials now make up a larger portion of the workforce. This new generation of business travellers is preferring a change from the usual corporate environment and are demanding for out-of-the-way accommodation, where they are expecting a fuller and richer travel experience.

The Brisbane area boasts of short-term rentals that are perfect, whether you are a tourist or a business travellers.

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The hotel industry is aware of the competition posed by Airbnb and similar websites. This can only be a good thing for business travellers. As each strive to offer increasingly advanced methods to tap into the changing needs of the next generation of business, the experience for the business traveller will only get better and better.