Brisbane Short-term Rental AirBNB Management FAQ

How much do you think will the apartment let on a per-night basis?

The nightly rental price will depend on the size of the property, amenities, styling and furnishing, as well as the location. On average, 2-bedroom 2-bathroom properties can range between $90 and $150 per night. AirBNB also has a very sophisticated algorithm, so it can a little while before getting the exact price correct. In general though, we usually price for the first 2 guests, then add an extra $20 per person after that, which covers the linen laundering.

Good news is that because of our Super Host, 5 star status, coupled with our management style and sophisticated messaging, most of our properties enjoy an 80% to 90% occupancy rate.

We recommend two queen size beds for each room. You could supply a good quality sofa bed for the living area, which could be used in cases where adults might have small children. However, we do not encourage more than 4 guests in a two bedroom property.

Will you help with setting up and styling my property?

We strongly recommend a professional photo shoot before the listing is published, which we can arrange on your behalf. This is usually between $165 and $220, property-dependent. This carries a huge ranking weight with AirBNB and has proven over and over again the benefits in bookings.

We also have a one-off setup fee of $350, which includes:

  • Meeting and coordinating photography
  • Writing professional advertisement content
  • Listing your property onto AirBNB and other portals if required, including our own
  • Providing a Home Guest Guide booklet, both online and physical,  This includes all pertinent information about the property and its surroundings
  • Setting all background settings into AirBNB to capture most enquiries
  • Setting up automated messaging templates
  • The purchase of the initial shop for consumables;  this cost is approximately $150. Extra applies for coffee machine.
  • Initial inventory service and entry condition report

We also have a stylist who can be of assistance if required on a consulting basis.

How quickly could we have the listing up?

We can have the property up and listed as soon as the photos arrive.

How do I manage my bookings?  What if I don’t want to rent out my space for different times of the year?

AirBNB have a Manage my Listing section where you can choose when you want to make your property available for rent. You can also, edit your reservation settings to block out certain dates, where the property may be unavailable.

What time should I have check in and out from?

This is entirely up to you, however, generally check in time is around 1 – 2 pm and check outs between 10 and 11am.

What should I charge for cleaning

This depends on whether you elect to clean the property yourself.  Most cleaners charge around $30 per hour and some may include topping up the consumables in this price.  The guest pays this amount separately.

How do I communicate with prospective guests and when they are at my property

Airbnb supply an email portal when you can notify your guests at each stage of the stay. Once a guest has paid for their accommodation, you will be given their telephone number should you wish to contact them directly.  It is important to maintain constant communication with your guests which makes the process easier and more comfortable for everyone.

How do I know what things to supply in my property?

The basic items should include:

  • Basic toiletries should include shampoo and conditioner, body wash, soap and toilet paper
  • Cleaning products
  • Coffee, tea, sugar, milk, oil, butter
  • The little extras could include, cereals, biscuits, and maybe a bottle of wine

What type of linen should I supply for my guests?

We use a professional laundering service, Alsco Linen, in order to maintain our hygienic standards and cleanliness.  They provide the following:

  • Sheets, pillowcases, towels, bath mats, hand towels and tea towels

You need to provide:

  • Doonas,  doona covers, pillows and bedroom styling

We recommend providing a good quality linen, nothing less than 600 thread count.  Remember that while the guest likes to stay in your home, they are also looking for an almost hotel experience.

Should I use a professional linen service?

Depending on your time availability and whether you wish to launder the linen yourself, we would usually recommend utilising the service of a linen laundering service to ensure that hygiene and sanitary standards are met.

Do you supply an end of year financial statement?

Yes, a detailed and itemised statement is supplied outlining all income and expenditure for the year.  This can then be handed over to your Accountant making it very easy to account for.

What is a guest guide?

A guest guide is an important document and should explain all the rules and regulations of the house.  It is also a welcome guide to your property and surrounds and should contain everything they need to know about staying at your property

How do I create a guest guide?

AirBNB has simple template guides, and a Home Guest Guide is also included in Air-Rive’s setup fee.

Do I need to provide internet access for my guests?

While many people now have internet hot spots they can access on their mobile phones, it is still advantageous to provide WiFi to your guests and boosts your listing profile.

What insurance do I need?

Host protection insurance with Airbnb supplies 1 million per occurrence in the event of third party claims for property damage or bodily injury.  However, I would recommend seeking professional guidance as to whether further insurance may be required.  Needless to say you will still need to have building and public liability insurance.

How do I get paid?

Both Air-rive and Airbnb pay directly into your chosen account once the guest has checked in after paying all monies due.

What invoices with Air-Rive pay for me?

All invoices can be paid by your managing agent from your rental income and a fully itemised statement will be sent to you.  At Air-rive, we can even pay your rates and utility accounts.

How do I get keys to my guests, including properties in high-rise buildings?

There are multiple ways of giving guests your keys, including providing a Key Lock box at the property or Key Pad entry on the front door. If not, we can arrange for a Meet and Greet service. This fee is extra, however, we try to weave this into the cleaning fee to compensate.

Should I meet my incoming guests?

Usually, this would be ideal, however, not always convenient.  Air-rive offer sophisticated key managements systems to ensure ease of access for your guests, whilst maintaining your properties security.

Should I have a professional management company manage my Airbnb?

The answer to this question would be dependent on the time you have to spend managing your listing and what sort of experience you wish to give your guests. Sometimes it is beneficial to use a professional management company as they have experience in guest selection and maximising your rental income. It is a small investment that gives you peace of mind.

What if there is maintenance that needs doing when the guest is in my property?

It is important to communicate to your guests that you would like them to report any maintenance that might be required both during their stay of via a survey at the end of their stay.  Remember, if maintenance is unreported, not only could this impact upon the deterioration of your property but also affect the guests review of yours.

How do I know how much rent to put on my Airbnb listing?

Airbnb have guides they use to help you with pricing your listings. Using a professional Management company can monitor your pricing to maximise your income.

Should I use a professional photographer for my listing photos?

Well as the old saying goes “ A picture tells a thousand words” it is also a small investment that will last for a few years and can certainly make a difference to your listing.

Why is it important for me to get good reviews?

Host status is very important when it comes to an Airbnb listing and Super Host status is enviable amongst all hosts. Receiving multiple good reviews could be the deciding factor with someone choosing your listing over another. All properties listed with Air-rive get the benefit of our 5 * Super Host status.


(See Income)

Why is it important to style my property?

Styling a home gives it heart and also allows the guest to see themselves at home in your property.
Here at Air-rive our expert stylists will looki at your existing furniture; then select individual pieces, artwork, throw rugs, cushions and even flowers to bring out the heart and stunning beauty of your home.

What is Super host status?

Super host status is given by Airbnb based on your reply time to messages and reviews given by guest. The advantages of achieving Super Host status gives the host credibility and therefore also gives the guest peace of mind when choosing a place to stay.

Will my electricity and water bill go up?

This will depend upon the time of year, seasons and international tourists, who may not be used to Australian temperatures.  We like to think that most guests who are selected by Air-rive respect our Mantra – Mi Casa et Tu Casa. My house is your house.