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Business travel takes you away from your usual office working environment. You are not sleeping in your own room, you are not eating the foods you are used to and you’re not working in your own office desk. Couple these with jet lag and the multiple business meetings, it seems productivity is just a pipe…Read More→

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How much does it cost to travel to Brisbane? Is Brisbane an expensive city? It is true that Brisbane is not exactly a cheap city to go on a holiday. But the cost should not stop you from exploring this fabulous city with an idyllic subtropical weather practically all year-round. You can have fun and…Read More→

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Taking a trip should be all about having fun and storing precious memories that you can look back on later. You don’t want to be worrying if someone is watching you, especially in the place you are staying at and you will be calling home for the next few days. But finding a surveillance camera…Read More→

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Airbnb is a platform, accessible through its website or app, where people can find short or long-term accommodation for their travels. It offers millions of properties in cities across the globe. It is where you can find all sorts of properties, even castles and tree houses. The arrival of Airbnb has disrupted the hospitality industry,…Read More→